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开发 MainSTz LLC

YOPP is a shopping social network that helps shoppers find what they are looking for in their local community with help from other shoppers and businesses. At YOPP we believe in creating those moments where you find something so cool, eat something so delicious or love an experience so much that you just have to tell someone or EVERYONE! We know how it is and we’re right there with you. YOPP enables you to share all those amazing finds with people who will appreciate them just as much as you do, and of course, your friends in other social networks too. YOPP shoppers can see where other people are shopping, post images of awesome stuff they spot at local businesses, ask shoppers and businesses to help them find what they are looking for and receive special invitations to sales events and promotions based on their preferences and location.

YOPP is going to change the way that people shop. Instead of spending hours shopping online, driving all over the place looking for something and always walking away wondering if you got the best price, shoppers can join YOPP and become a part of a shopping social network. Together YOPP shoppers can outsmart the masses by sharing their shopping experience, saving everyone time and money and making everyones shopping trips more fun and rewarding.

We are energized everyday by all of the cool things we find at our local businesses not to mention all the awesome people we meet through YOPP and we know you will be too. As we say here at YOPP “shopping just got social".